The early years

I was born in Budapest, 1985. Originally I am a stuctural engineer, I began to take photos 7 years ago as a hobby photographer. I learnt photography mostly as an autodidact. In the beginning I took tourist pictures while traveling, my family and friends encouraged me to become a professional. Among the first I have started a Facebook photo page where I uploaded mainly evening and night pictures of Budapest. Soon my works caught the attention of an online media group called Szeretlek Magyarország (I Love Hungary) and asked me to cooperate. After a little while more and more companies hired me for different shootings. Still for a few years I worked simultaneously as an engineer and built my relations as a photographer. Today my hobby is my profession.


City, event and architectural photography is my main profile. My style is mixed with the spontaneity of photojournalists and the precision of architectural photos. Compositions using geometric shapes, vivid still lifelike colors and special point of views – all can describe my work.

I have worked together with a list of well-known international brands, many of them has become my permanent client. For more details please check References.

In 2016 I founded Budapest Images which is the largest photo database of Budapest. My purpose is to show not only the well-known sights but also the hidden faces of the city. There are about 1500 high quality pictures uploaded at the moment and it is growing constantly. Nothing proves more the popularity of these photos than the 25.000 Facebook followers of Budapest Images.