The beginning

I was born in Budapest in 1985. Originally I graduated as a civil-engineer, I started photography as a hobby over 10 years ago. I mastered my skills mostly in a self-taught way.

I was one of the first in Hungary to create a photographer's page on social media. Here I uploaded mainly my Budapest night pictures. In 2011 Szeretlek Magyarország (I Love You Hungary - a Hungarian online magazine) noticed my work and asked to join them as an external photo journalist. In the following few years I worked parallely as an engineer and as an increasingly enthusiastic photographer. My clientele has been expanding ever since and a few years later my dream came true: my hobby became my profession.


My main profile is architectural and event photography but I have a lot of experience in commercial and drone photography too.

My style mixes the spontaneity of photojournalism and the precision of architectural photos. Thoughtful image composition, vivid but realistic colors and special points of view are all charactarize my pictures.

I have worked together with numerous well-known local and international companies and many of them have been my clients ever since.

In 2016 I founded Budapest Images. It is the largest and most comprehensive photo database of Budapest. From the beginning my idea was to create unique photos of the city. Besides presenting the defining Budapest attractions my mission is to discover the less known locations as well. At the moment you can search among over 2000 carefully selected pictures on the page and it is constantly growing. The popularity of my images is well illustrated by the fact that Budapest Images has over 40,000 followers on its social media platforms. We Love Budapest regularly publishes my works in its articles.


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