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Architectural photography is a precise play of lights and shapes.

No matter if it's a hotel interior, an Airbnb apartment, an elegant restaurant or a design office - high quality photos are cornerstones of communication today.

I graduated as a structural engineer so architectural photography is really close to my heart. Precision and geometric view are keys in engineering which I can utilize in photography too. Consequently perfectionism and consciousness characterizes my work. I've started to take professional interior and exterior photos in 2012. Since then I had the opportunity to take photos of several hundreds of different properties from wastewater treatment plant to five-star luxury hotel.

In exterior and interior architectural photography, I place at least as much emphasis on making large totals that depict the building as a whole as on detail photographs that capture the architectural character and uniqueness.
The professional equipment and the detailed retouching process are essential for high quality photos - that is why I only work with the latest Nikon bodies and lenses.

Since 2017 I have started to use drones as well. This inspirative, new technology opened new dimensions in architectural photography and videography. In addition to spectacular bird’s-eye views, very accurate top view and facade shots can be taken.

Among my clients there are individuals and micro companies as well as international corporates, hotel chains and architectural studios. With my contribution many properties have won the recognition of the architect community:


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