INterior Photos


Why do you need a professional photographer?

The competition is huge, you need to stand out!

The first impression is the most important and it is definitely true on the real estate market too. With the amazing boom in tourism more and more people are choosing to rent out their homes for either short or long term. In this highly saturated real estate market the tenant / buyer is often lost among the tons of similar advertisements. Quality, sophistication and professionalism are the best practices to stand out. With poor and mediocre real estate photos the owner risks the success of his ad and the first impression of his apartment.

Professional photos save time and money.

It really does matter whether you sell your house in a month or in a year. If you sell your property quickly you can invest your money in something else and get back the price of the photography service multiple times. With a detailed photo gallery you can also avoid unnecessary communication which can save you a lot of time as well.

The value of your property increases immediately.

With competitive photos you can advertise your property on a higher price. No matter if you have a luxury house for sale or a less upscale courtyard apartment for rent your real estate will show its most beautiful face: it will look more homey, brighter and spacious on high quality photos. Unfortunately it can be true the other way as well: you might have a top class real estate you won't get much interest with poor photos.

High quality photos = high quality owner

A professional photo gallery reveals a lot about the apartment and the owner too. It assumes that you pay attention on the details so you must take good care of your property and keep it clean and tidy. This is the best way to gain the trust of a tenant/buyer.

What are the steps of the photo shoot?


First we will discuss the details on phone or by email. We will pick the best time for the photo shoot considering the weather forecast and the orientation of the building. I will also inform you what you might need to put away or what kind of extra decoration we might need.

Photo shoot

Depending on the type of the real estate I will take interior/exterior/detail photos. The point is to make your property look unique and memorable for the tenant/buyer. If your apartment is located in a nice neighbourhood or it is in a beautiful residential building it is really worth to take some pictures of the staircase, frontage or surroundings as well.

Selection and retouching

Photos to be retouched can be selected from the pre-selected raws even by you but you can also leave it on me. The selected pictures will go through a detailed retouching process. The light and color correction will make the photos bright and vivid but still realistic so your property will show its absolute best face. In course of retouching distracting details will be removed as much as possible: switches, wires, construction errors, etc.


I send the finalized images with WeTransfer in full resolution and in web-optimized size too. You will receive an email with a download link.


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